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The Safehouse

Conveniently located near downtown Chicago, the Safehouse is the home of the Monks of Invention in Chicago.
There are eight spaces which can be used by Monks for mind expanding sessions during disORDer events.
There are also a couple couches to accommodate Monks passing throught town, or who are working late through the night.
Spaces you can book:

  • Garage – for anything messy, like industrial machine demos
  • Kitchen – fully equipped for cooking demos
  • Patio – site of the pond, big green egg, firepit, and extends into courtyard
  • Salon – not your parents living room
  • Table – dining room work table that seats 12, and converts into a pool table
  • Gym – weights, elliptical, recumbent bike if you want to exercise a muscle other than the brain
  • Den – video projector, worktable
  • Alley – one of Chicago’s finest, clean, well kept, urban outdoor space

Game Demo
Gaming Monks
Courteous Monks Take Off Their Shoes
Monk Brewing Beer
Monk Improv Keyboard Demo